Weight Loss

In striving to help patients achieve optimal wellness and a higher quality of life, the medical professionals at Advantage Healthcare of Charleston work to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. This plan addresses a variety of medical concerns through natural medicine practices that include chiropractic, massage therapy, and more. If it is in the patient’s best interest to lose weight, the best course of treatment is one that allows healthy weight loss through manageable goals and safe, effective methods of medical weight loss. After performing a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment, Advantage Healthcare creates a plan that helps patients achieve weight loss success.

Taking into account the patient’s needs and lifestyle, the staff at Advantage Healthcare of Charleston creates a weight loss program emphasizing wellness and good nutrition in order to help patients determine medical weight loss solutions that are right for them. By providing a customized nutrition and exercise program, our experienced staff is able to help patients rise to the weight loss challenge.



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