Chiropractor Chiropractic

Any injury can lead to chronic pain that disrupts your life. When pain and uncomfortable nerve sensations interrupt sleep and daily activities, it is time to seek treatment. The most common treatment for pain is medication. While pain medication may mask the pain, it does not treat the cause of pain. Most pain medications are also addictive and cause additional health problems down the road.

Once we identify the pain, we can treat the pain.

Finding the compressed nerve, specific condition or even food allergy that may be causing you pain allows us to treat the problem rather than the symptom.

We approach pain caused by chronic conditions by developing a comprehensive pain relief treatment plan. Customized for each patient, this plan generally includes a multitude of therapies and recommended lifestyle improvements designed to manage your pain, improve your health, and enhance your life.

Our approach includes first finding the source/cause of chronic pain, then developing a comprehensive treatment plan to address the pain.

Common causes of pain include:

  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)
  • Pinched nerves
  • Spinal degeneration
  • Conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus and arthritis
  • Injuries and falls
  • Automobile accidents

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a specialty field in healthcare that works with physical impairments and/or disabilities affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons to enhance and restore your quality of life and functional ability. Integrated Medicine is an approach where a team of providers work together to understand your physical impairments and/or disabilities and create a treatment plan which involves all levels of expertise to help you achieve a full recovery.