Joint Injections

Joints are where two bones surrounded by a joint capsule move against each other. Joints are found throughout the body, including knees, arms, legs, feet, fingers and toes. There are instances where joint injections are most effective in providing quick pain relief without the use of painkillers or medication.  Our joint injections consist of local anesthetics and natural medications designed to reduce inflammation in the tissues of the joint space.

Most patients start experiencing relief within a few hours of receiving an injection.

We incorporate joint injections as part of an overall comprehensive treatment plan, which often includes additional therapies.  We will evaluate your condition to determine if you are a candidate for joint injections.  Your doctor will then discuss the procedure and its benefits with you in detail.

Treatment Areas

Areas we treat with joint injection include (but are not limited to):

  • Elbow
  • Back
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
Joint Pain Video

It is important to note that joint injections offer a quick but temporary relief for pain.  Some people experience pain relief for several weeks, although results differ with each individual.  Joint injections should be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the root cause of pain.

Read what our patients are saying

- “Before I found Advantage Healthcare I had terrible left knee pain, lower back pain, sciatica, and pain that radiated down my left leg and my left ankle. I have since then been receiving chiropractic care, Euflexxa knee injections, therapies including the wobble chair and muscle stimulation to help with my peripheral neuropathy. I do have good and bad days now but the pain has decreased. The back brace I received from them is excellent and helps so much. They also have a great staff and all of them are very understanding. I feel more alert and calmer. I also have less pain in my lower back and the knee injections have really helped. Dr. Gray is compassionate and listens to your concerns. I explain to everyone how much the therapies have helped and would refer them to anyone.” -J. Moton ...more
- “Before I came into Advantage Healthcare I had pain in my left knee that caused me not to be able to walk without a cane. When I found them they got me started out on Hyalgan injections for my knee along with some physical therapy and a brace. My left knee now feels much better and I’m able to walk without a cane! My life is now changed since my pain is greatly reduced and that I can now walk without my cane.” -T. Stewart ...more