I feel like a new person.

“Before I found Advantage Healthcare I had extreme pain in both of my knees, very stiff shoulders and joints, trouble walking, and was short of breath. When I first started on with them they did x-ray’s to see what was going on and the staff discussed what they’d be able to do to assist my healing. They have since then started giving me adjustments, physical therapy, injections for my back and knees. They’ve also given me a tens unit and knee brace. Every time I come in they check on me to see how my pain is doing. I now feel 110% better, my pain has went from serve to mild, my shoulder has loosened up, my left knee is no longer in pain, and my right knee has the brace so I’m walking 100% better. I would like to say that Dr. Gray and his staff are number 1! They all go out of their way to make sure your visit goes pleasant. When I first arrived at AHC I was heading for a wheelchair but not anymore, I feel like a new person. I won’t sugar coat the treatment one day it’s easy and others it’s not but if you follow through with your instructions you will see results; I can attest to that. Lastly I would like to tell you I feel so much better. If you’ve got problems go to AHC and get them checked out, you will end up feeling better; I know!”
-E. Mizell