The body cramps and back pains diminished 

“After 18 months in recovery from long -term side effects of a neurological disorder my life was starting to face constant body pain, spasms and cramps. I searched for a solution using the internet.  I found an ad for Advantage Healthcare (AHC) of Charleston.  Mid April 2023 I had my first appointment.  I was evaluated and a treatment plan was developed for me by Dr. Christopher Gray DC CCEP and his team of medical specialists.  Treatment started late April and within 30 days I began to appreciate the pain subsiding.  The body cramps and back pains diminished.  My condition continued to improve after scheduled treatments and physical therapy (which included the laser treatment).  I committed to the program recommended by the team, Unassisted and on the hope inspired by Dr. Gray’s team I knew it was time to step out on faith. I knew I would be able to run without pain during a therapy session in their PT area, I announced that I was ready to run>>>>>>>>>>and I did, I ran from one end of the hall to the other.  The team made my comfort a reality, with better sleeping and mobility, strength as an added benefit.”

Barbara I.

I am thankful that I found AHC

Goose Creek office

“I am thankful that I found AHC.  They were able to help me recover from the pain I was having and improve my mobility.  They have earned my trust by using advanced treatments to get me up and running.  Great team makes the dream work!”

I’ve seen continual improvement.

“I had been walking with a cane for about two years. Four weeks ago when I started treatments with Dr. Gray, I could hardly walk because my back had locked up. After a couple of treatments my husband noticed I was getting around much better. I’ve seen continual improvement and am walking without my cane. My Husband started treatments after I did and he is also feeling much better and continues to improve. We recommend Dr. Gray to people every chance we get.”
-A. Clarence

I am in the right place!

“For years I woke up every hour or two all night. I began treatment with Advantage Healthcare two months ago for spinal problems and lack of sleep. For the last two weeks I have been sleeping five hours straight before waking! There is a female patient who started care around the same time I did who always used a cane when walking. For the first time I witnessed her walk across the room without the cane! Now she doesn’t even carry it with her. She walks fine! More evidence that I am in the right place!”
–N. Gray

I can sleep peacefully at night.

“In November of 2012 my Hips started to hurt causing severe pain. I saw a surgeon for the pain and he told me that one of my ribs was poking a nerve on my right side so he wanted to take out one of my ribs and replace it with mesh that is then attached to the ribs and the spine. He said that should correct the problem and my hips would quit hurting. I did not like the idea of having surgery so I sought other options. I heard about Advantage Health Care from my son who is also a patient of Dr. Gray. I started coming to Advantage Health Care in May of 2013 and they have helped me tremendously in the three and a half weeks that I have been there. In these last three and a half weeks I have noticed that I do not hurt any more, I can move around normally, I am not hunched over, I am not limping, and I can sleep peacefully at night. My family has even told me on more than one occasion that they notice a big difference in my life and they are happy because of the change Dr. Gray made in my life. I thank Dr. Gray for the wonderful job he is doing and will continue my care with him.”
-C. Harwell

I can now walk without my cane.

“Before I came into Advantage Healthcare I had pain in my left knee that caused me not to be able to walk without a cane. When I found them they got me started out on Hyalgan injections for my knee along with some physical therapy and a brace. My left knee now feels much better and I’m able to walk without a cane! My life is now changed since my pain is greatly reduced and that I can now walk without my cane.”
-T. Stewart

I now feel considerably better.

“For 20+ years I’ve had severe knee pain after having a 14 year Judo career and 30+ years working as a plumber kneeling on concrete every day. Since coming to Advantage Healthcare I’ve started receiving Hyalgan injections for both of my knees as well as doing physical therapy and getting adjustments. I now feel considerably better and am able to walk once again, at 52 years old I couldn’t and now I can! The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional from the time you walk in the door until you leave as well as on the phone if you call. It really shows that they care about you. I’m really glad that I’ve found them I drive 3 hours there and back from North Carolina because of how good they are.”
-J. Cooper

Quality of care here is exceptional.

“I’ve been a patient here at AHC for about 5 years now and the quality of care here is exceptional. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. It is a fun atmosphere, a lot of joking between other patients. I will be a patient here for as long as possible.”
-A. Ranly

I am no longer in severe pain.

“As a teller at the local bank, I am currently looking up and down. Over the past few years I have noticed my neck pain becoming more severe. More recently I was finding myself calling out of work due to feeling like I couldn’t even lift my head off of my pillow in bed. I knew something wasn’t right and began doing research on what I could try to help manage the pain. I ran across Advantage Healthcare of Charleston’s website and decided to reach out to them. I was greeted with so much warmth and compassion that I just knew I was in the right place. During the months to follow I attended my appointments exactly as ordered, I received all suggested treatment and I am so very delighted to say that I am no longer in severe pain. Not only did AHC get me out of pain but they taught me how to prevent the pain from recurring. I ordered a proper chair, keyboard, mouse and computer screen so that my body was in proper alignment while at work all day. My colleagues weren’t far behind following in my footsteps as they became patients as well.”
-S. Lawson

80% reduction in pain.

“When I first found Advantage Healthcare of Charleston I was in so much pain I felt like I just wanted to die. I had been to multiple doctors who just wanted to cut on me to try and determine what was going on with me. I never felt like I was being heard but more so ignored. I felt like everyone around me thought I was making my pain up. The staff at AHC is very caring and listened to what all of my symptoms were. Their team of providers worked together to figure out the best course of treatment for my case. Today I can report that I have had an 80% reduction in pain and that it has reduced from being debilitating to occasional. I couldn’t have lucked out better when I found AHC and I would refer anyone to them.”
-M. May