Trigger Point Therapy

Back Pain

Back pain can be described by a myriad of symptoms and is typically associated with the upper and lower back. Back pain can be classified as sore, stiff, tight and painful. Narrowing down the root cause of the pain is imperative in prescribing the proper treatment. Patients with back pain may experience: Stiffness or loss […]

I’ve seen continual improvement.

“I had been walking with a cane for about two years. Four weeks ago when I started treatments with Dr. Gray, I could hardly walk because my back had locked up. After a couple of treatments my husband noticed I was getting around much better. I’ve seen continual improvement and am walking without my cane. […]

I am in the right place!

“For years I woke up every hour or two all night. I began treatment with Advantage Healthcare two months ago for spinal problems and lack of sleep. For the last two weeks I have been sleeping five hours straight before waking! There is a female patient who started care around the same time I did […]

I can sleep peacefully at night.

“In November of 2012 my Hips started to hurt causing severe pain. I saw a surgeon for the pain and he told me that one of my ribs was poking a nerve on my right side so he wanted to take out one of my ribs and replace it with mesh that is then attached […]

I can now walk without my cane.

“Before I came into Advantage Healthcare I had pain in my left knee that caused me not to be able to walk without a cane. When I found them they got me started out on Hyalgan injections for my knee along with some physical therapy and a brace. My left knee now feels much better […]

I now feel considerably better.

“For 20+ years I’ve had severe knee pain after having a 14 year Judo career and 30+ years working as a plumber kneeling on concrete every day. Since coming to Advantage Healthcare I’ve started receiving Hyalgan injections for both of my knees as well as doing physical therapy and getting adjustments. I now feel considerably […]

Quality of care here is exceptional.

“I’ve been a patient here at AHC for about 5 years now and the quality of care here is exceptional. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. It is a fun atmosphere, a lot of joking between other patients. I will be a patient here for as long as possible.” -A. Ranly

I am no longer in severe pain.

“As a teller at the local bank, I am currently looking up and down. Over the past few years I have noticed my neck pain becoming more severe. More recently I was finding myself calling out of work due to feeling like I couldn’t even lift my head off of my pillow in bed. I […]