Advantage Healthcare Receives 2023 Best of Goose Creek Award

Goose Creek Award Program Honors the Achievement


GOOSE CREEK November 21, 2023 — Advantage Healthcare has been selected for the 2023 Best of Goose Creek Award in the Healthcare category by the Goose Creek Award Program.

Each year, the Goose Creek Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Goose Creek area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2023 Goose Creek Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Goose Creek Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Goose Creek Award Program

The Goose Creek Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Goose Creek area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Goose Creek Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Common benefits of receiving chiropractic care

Common benefits of receiving chiropractic care


Chiropractic treatments involve hands-on spinal manipulation using a controlled, sudden force to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure and improve range and quality of motion. Chiropractic is used to restore mobility to joints as a pain relief alternative for muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissues (cartilage, ligaments, and tendons). If muscles are tight, they can pull the spine out of alignment, which can create more pain symptoms. This manipulation will enable the body to heal itself from injuries caused by a traumatic event or stress without the need for surgery or medication.


Advantage Healthcare incorporates chiropractic techniques to help relieve all sorts of pain and help patients maintain their overall health. Neck and back pain are often treated with chiropractic care, as well as migraines and chronic headaches caused by tension and stress. Common benefits include decreasing degeneration of the joint and connective tissues (arthritis), loosening tight muscles and tightening loose muscles, and improving joint mobility, function and health. However, there are many other benefits of chiropractic adjustments that you may not have even known.

Other benefits of chiropractic adjustments include strengthening the immune system, increasing energy, vitality, and improving sleep, decreasing stress, and boosting one’s mood and disposition! This type of care improves one’s overall health and wellness in so many ways that ultimately lead to decreasing pain and unrest in the body and mind.


Advantage Healthcare’s approach to helping with pain relief includes first finding the source/cause of chronic pain, and then developing a comprehensive treatment plan to address the pain. At AHC, our medical team incorporates medical pain relief as well as physical rehabilitation with a chiropractic treatment plan for pain or injuries. The combination of these treatments helps to medically restore the body without the use of medications or surgery. Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Gray, DC, CCEP, uses his knowledge of holistic health and fitness to help patients of all ages and abilities achieve optimum health.

If you think you may benefit from chiropractic care at AHC, call us today to schedule your free consultation and get started towards living your healthiest, pain-free life.

How to Keep Arthritis from Slowing You Down

How to Keep Arthritis from Slowing You Down


More than 54 million Americans suffer from arthritis—that’s 23% of all adults! Almost all Americans over the age of 50 show some varying degree of arthritis symptoms.

Beyond the numbers and statistics, arthritis is inflammation of the joints, causing pain and stiffness that can worsen with age. Symptoms of arthritis can include restrictive range of motion, poor posture, pain during or after movements, and skin that is swollen, red, or warm to the touch around joints. Most of these symptoms affect joints such as the knees, hips, lower back, neck and fingers.

Arthritis is a debilitating affliction that can prevent you from completing even the simplest daily tasks. Advantage Healthcare’s goal is to help you understand the causes, symptoms, and treatments for arthritis.

There are different types of arthritis, so it is important to know the difference between them.


To start, let’s take a look at osteoarthritis (OA). This is the most common form of arthritis, affecting over 32.5 million American adults. OA is caused by damage or breakdown of cartilage between bones at the joints. Some signs and symptoms of OA include pain or aching, stiffness, crackling, enlargement and inflammation.

There are also two types of OA: primary and secondary.

Primary OA is the most common form. It is a slow, progressive condition that usually strikes after the age of 45. It develops when excessive stress is placed on ordinary healthy joints, or when normal amounts of stress are applied to an already weakened joint. Body weight (obesity) and family history are contributing factors to primary OA.

Secondary OA usually strikes before the age of 40 and is primarily caused by trauma to a joint such as a car accident, fall, or failed surgery. It can also be the result of many small injuries over time.


Now, let’s talk about rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that occurs when the immune system attacks the body’s own tissue in the joints as if it were a foreign material. The immune system is attacking the body’s health cells by mistake, causing painful swelling in the affected parts of the body. Women are three times more likely to have RA than men.


Physical rehabilitation partnered with chiropractic care and medical treatment has proven to be an effective method for treating arthritis. Exercise and physical rehabilitation help relieve arthritic symptoms by strengthening bones, muscles, and joints, increasing flexibility, improving the immune system and decreasing stress. Advantage Healthcare also offers joint injections such as Hyalgen for knee pain. Hyalgen is a natural substance found in joint tissue and fluid and acts as a shock absorber and lubricant. Chiropractic care helps to restore proper alignment to the spine and body by moving vertebrae back into position and therefore restoring normal range of motion necessary for proper circulation and repair of joints. Our medical weight loss programs can also help those who have developed or are more likely to develop OA as a result of being overweight.

At Advantage Healthcare, we have a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a Nurse Practitioner on staff to provide specialized care that’s tailored to fit your needs. Arthritis is a common problem that we see every day at Advantage Healthcare. If you are suffering from arthritis, please give us a call today and set up your free consultation so we can get you back to living a happy, pain-free life.

Combining Joint Injections with Physical Therapy to Manage Pain

physical therapy

Physical medicine is a practice that centers around treating diseases using physical modalities and techniques. As the Lowcountry’s premier physical medicine practice, Advantage Healthcare of Charleston (AHC) takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to back, neck and knee pain relief.  Let’s take a look at how our physical medicine practitioners combine joint injections with physical therapy to manage pain.

Joint injections are minimally invasive and often offer quick relief for some pain

A patient may be in too much pain to participate in active physical therapy regimen.  In cases such as these, we often suggest joint injections as a short-term relief for pain, which then allows the patient to be able to participate in active physical therapy designed for more long-term pain relief.

Physical therapy helps the body recover

Joint injections can offer quick pain relief, but they do not address the root cause of pain.  Physical medicine often incorporates physical therapy as part of an overall treatment plan.  Not only does physical therapy aid the body in recovery, but it also helps reduce and prevent injury and further pain.

Joint injections and physical therapy – better together!

Patients who are experiencing various types of joint pain often benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan which includes both joint injections and physical therapy.  While joint injections alone can stop the pain fairly quickly, they only offer temporary relief.  Physical therapy, when prescribed as part of an overall pain treatment plan, is designed to re-train the body to be in proper alignment, decrease muscle tension and strengthen muscles to prevent further pain and/or injury.

If you are experiencing either chronic or acute pain, give us a call today. You may be a candidate for joint injections,  physical therapy or other physical medicine services.  We will thoroughly evaluate your condition, identify the root cause of your pain and develop a customized treatment plan designed to help you recover.

What Are Some Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy?

medical pain relief

A trigger point is caused by muscles that fail to relax.  This results in a knot or tight band of muscle that can twitch, irritate surrounding nerves and cause pain in other parts of the body. For instance, a trigger point in the lower back could be causing pain in your neck.  When a patient comes to us for medical pain relief, we often incorporate trigger point therapy as part of their overall treatment plan.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of trigger point therapy:

Decreased Headaches

Trigger point therapy is a proven method to treat headaches that stem from tight upper back and neck muscles.  When a patient comes to us with chronic headaches, we conduct an evaluation to identify the underlying cause.  When the underlying cause is muscular, trigger point therapy can be used to treat the muscles, which, in turn, results in fewer headaches.  Pain management doctors often prescribe medication for medical pain relief, when in many cases, trigger point therapy can be more effective, especially over the long term.

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Pain causes reduced flexibility and range of motion. Trigger point therapy can be used to release muscle tension, improving flexibility and increasing overall range on motion. Athletes seek trigger point therapy to not only ease muscle pain but help improve overall performance.

Alleviate Pain

Trigger point therapy can be used to alleviate all types of pain.  When a patient comes to us for medical pain relief, we evaluate their pain and use trigger point therapy as one method to address and treat the pain.

Improved Posture

Tight muscles can cause slouching and have a negative effect on your posture. Trigger point therapy can be used to relieve pain and tightness which, in turn, eases tension on the neck, shoulders, back and other areas that may be causing issues with posture.

If you have pain, give us a call.  Our physical medicine practitioners will conduct a thorough evaluation then develop a customized medical pain relief treatment plan designed to address the underlying cause of your discomfort.

What Makes AHC Different from Pain Management Doctors?

physical medicine services

We are often asked how our physical medicine services differ from treatment offered by pain management doctors.   While both physical medicine and pain management doctors offer medical pain relief, our methods are vastly different.  Let’s take a look at how physical medicine services are unlike those offered by many pain management doctors:

Medical Pain Relief Without Medication

Physical medicine offers medical pain relief without medication.  Most pain management doctors use prescription pain killers, steroids and powerful nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) for medical pain relief.    Physical medicine takes a vastly different approach.  For instance, when a patient comes to us seeking knee pain relief, we explore treatments such as physical therapy, hydrotherapy, myofascial release, and more.  In contrast, Pain management doctors often prescribe prescription medications that can have both short and long-term contraindications.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to medical pain relief options, physical medicine also explores lifestyle changes.  For instance, weight loss may be recommended as part of an overall knee pain relief treatment plan.  Or, in some cases, dietary adjustments may help a patient with chronic headaches.  Stretching and pre-workout routines may be recommended for athletes who suffer from muscle strains and pain.  Pain management doctors focus more on immediate pain relief, where as physical medicine practitioners take an approach designed to help alleviate pain now and prevent pain in the future.

Identifying Underlying Causes

When a patient seeks medical pain relief, physical medicine practitioners conduct a thorough evaluation of the underlying cause.  In many cases, pain management doctors provide medication to mask the pain, but don’t develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address the root issue(s).  For example, when evaluating a patient for knee pain relief, we ask questions, conduct testing and gather specifics that help cue us in to the root cause(s) of pain.  We can then not only treat the pain, but also the underlying cause(s).

Are you seeking medical pain relief for either an acute or chronic pain?  If so, give us a call to schedule your personalized evaluation today.

Free Backpack Check – Protect the Back

Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?

medical weight loss

Weight gain is a struggle most people face at some point in their lives.  Even individuals who were fit in their 20s can find it difficult to not pack on the pounds once they hit 40. And, there are those who have struggled with weight gain their entire lives. Fad diets may be popular, but they are usually unhealthy, often fail, and can become a source of tension and frustration. If you find you are gaining weight and unable to shed excess pounds, then a medical weight loss program can help.

Advantage Healthcare of Charleston offers a variety of safe and effective medical weight loss options.  Our weight loss physician will meet with you and discuss your eating and exercise habits, history of weight gain, medical issues and gather other pertinent information to help determine the best medical weight loss plan for you.

Causes of Weight Gain

Your medical weight loss physician will first work to determine what might be causing your weight gain.  Some medical reasons you may be gaining weight include:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Diabetes
  • Medications, including corticosteroids
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Aging
  • Hormonal Imbalances

In addition, your medical weight loss physician will also examine your lifestyle to determine what may be impacting your weight, including:

  • Stress
  • Work habits
  • Eating habits
  • Exercise routines
  • Depression

Your medical weight loss physician will complete your evaluation then discuss medical weight loss treatment plan options with you.  Weight gain can cause a plethora of problems, including high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes as well as contribute to back, hip and knee pain.  Addressing it now can prevent numerous health problems in the future.  Why wait? Contact us to make your medical weight loss appointment today!

Knee Pain Relief Without Pain Pills

knee pain relief

More often than not, a physician’s first course of action for knee pain relief has been writing a prescription for pain pills.  However, the country’s current opioid crisis has focused on other types of medical pain relief options, including joint injections and physical therapy.   Let’s take a closer look at how these two treatments are used for knee pain relief.

Joint Injections

Joint injections are becoming more widely prescribed for medical pain relief.  Advantage Healthcare of Charleston has found great success in using hyaluronate injections for knee pain relief.  Hyaluronate is a gel-like substance designed to act as a lubricant and shock absorber within the knee joint.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that provides lubrication and cushioning of the joints and bones. Osteoarthritis causes the knee’s own cartilage to thin over time, thus providing less lubrication and protection.  Hyaluronic acid has proven very successful in knee pain relief.  The hyaluronate is administered in three to five injections given once a week in the affected knee. Most patients report that joint injections offer knee pain relief for up to six months.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often prescribed in conjunction with joint injections and other medical pain relief treatments.  Strengthening the calf muscles, improving flexibility and increasing overall strength are all important factors in helping promote knee pain relief.  Advantage Healthcare of Charleston has a team of qualified physical therapy professionals to help you with exercises and techniques designed to strengthen the knee joint and surrounding areas.

If you are in need of medical pain relief and desire options other than pain pills, our physicians and physical therapy professionals can help.  We will assess your pain and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to help you achieve a pain-free life!

Help! I Can’t Find a Reputable Auto Accident Chiropractor Near Me

Car Accident Chiropractor

Car accidents disrupt your life and can cause significant injury.  When injured, many people seek chiropractic and/or medical pain relief.  However, not every auto accident chiropractor has the best interest of the patient in mind.  AHC is different.  We care about you and your pain and specialize in both chiropractic and medical pain relief to help you on your road to recovery.

Let’s take a look at how AHC’s auto accident chiropractor and medical pain relief physicians are different:

  1. Many chiropractic / medical pain relief practices utilize a standard course of treatment for all auto accident victims. We conduct a full examination to first identify the source of pain, then develop a customized plan to treat it.
  2. Our auto accident chiropractor makes sure you are accurately diagnosed and all your injuries are properly documented for insurance companies and attorneys.
  3. We also evaluate the possible long-term effects of your injuries.

Another key feature of our chiropractic and medical pain relief programs is that we steer away from pain killers and other medications that can become addictive and/or have harmful side effects.  Instead, we incorporate a combination of chiropractic and physical medication and rehabilitation techniques designed to restore you back to where you were or near where you were before the accident.

If you’ve ever muttered the words, “Help!  I can’t find a reputable auto accident chiropractor near me,” fear no more.  AHC’s chiropractic and medical pain relief physicians stand ready to provide you with a customized treatment plan to safely address your injuries and get you back on the road to optimal health.