I am no longer in severe pain.

“As a teller at the local bank, I am currently looking up and down. Over the past few years I have noticed my neck pain becoming more severe. More recently I was finding myself calling out of work due to feeling like I couldn’t even lift my head off of my pillow in bed. I knew something wasn’t right and began doing research on what I could try to help manage the pain. I ran across Advantage Healthcare of Charleston’s website and decided to reach out to them. I was greeted with so much warmth and compassion that I just knew I was in the right place. During the months to follow I attended my appointments exactly as ordered, I received all suggested treatment and I am so very delighted to say that I am no longer in severe pain. Not only did AHC get me out of pain but they taught me how to prevent the pain from recurring. I ordered a proper chair, keyboard, mouse and computer screen so that my body was in proper alignment while at work all day. My colleagues weren’t far behind following in my footsteps as they became patients as well.”
-S. Lawson