The body cramps and back pains diminished 

“After 18 months in recovery from long -term side effects of a neurological disorder my life was starting to face constant body pain, spasms and cramps. I searched for a solution using the internet.  I found an ad for Advantage Healthcare (AHC) of Charleston.  Mid April 2023 I had my first appointment.  I was evaluated and a treatment plan was developed for me by Dr. Christopher Gray DC CCEP and his team of medical specialists.  Treatment started late April and within 30 days I began to appreciate the pain subsiding.  The body cramps and back pains diminished.  My condition continued to improve after scheduled treatments and physical therapy (which included the laser treatment).  I committed to the program recommended by the team, Unassisted and on the hope inspired by Dr. Gray’s team I knew it was time to step out on faith. I knew I would be able to run without pain during a therapy session in their PT area, I announced that I was ready to run>>>>>>>>>>and I did, I ran from one end of the hall to the other.  The team made my comfort a reality, with better sleeping and mobility, strength as an added benefit.”

Barbara I.