The Causes of Lower Back Pain

What is Lower Back Pain?

About 80% of all adults experience lower-back pain at least a few times in their lifetime. Few other medical problems can boast such a widespread affliction rate across the population. In fact, besides from the common cold, lower-back pain accounts for more missed work days amongst people under the age of 45, than any other condition.

Beyond the numbers and statistics, lower-back pain is a debilitating affliction that can put your life to a screeching halt. Much of the time, those experiencing lower-back pain aren’t even sure what the root of the problem is. Lower-back pain can be the result of a variety or combination of issues.

We wrote this blog to help you better understand what kind of lower-back pain you may be experiencing. These are common lower-back problems that we see everyday at Advantage Healthcare of Charleston. If you think you are experiencing any of these issues, please call us (843-553-2211) to schedule a free consultation. Unchecked lower-back pain can easily develop into long lasting, chronic pain, which is often a sign of deep underlying damage to your nerves, muscles, or spine.


To start, let’s look at one the most common causes of lower-back pain: injuries. These can take the form of strains, sprains, and trauma. Strains and sprains are usually a result of overworking or making an improper movement with your lower back. Trauma is a result of an external factor, such as a car accident or a sharp fall, causing injury. Sprains occur from a sudden, forceful movement damaging your ligaments. Ligaments connect and support your bones and joints in the lower back. Sprains affect us from overuse or poor conditioning in the muscles. While usually these occur over a period of overworking one’s muscles, when you are already out of shape, it does not take much for a sprain to cause a muscle tear.

Herniated Discs

The next common lower back injury is a herniated disc. These typically affect people in their 30’s and 40’s. They are often referred to as a “slipped,” “torn,” or “ruptured” disc. These occur when the soft center of a spinal disc squeezes through a crack in the hard exterior. While at times it can come with almost no symptoms, if it agitates a nerve, it can cause an excruciating, cutting pain that can extend down an arm or leg.

Obesity and Posture

This final group of lower-back pain causes can be corrected on our own with just a little bit of self-discipline. Obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems in America today, so it is no surprise that it is also one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Exercise and a proper diet are both proven to not only reduce obesity, but also make lower-back pain easier to avoid and recover from. Other causes include improper posture when standing or sitting for long periods of time. Standing and sitting are second nature. People rarely take a moment to pay attention to how they are carrying themselves. But just a little bit of consciousness when it comes to posture and weight can greatly relieve the lower back.

How we can help you get over Lower-Back Pain

Chiropractic care partnered with physical therapy and medical treatment has proven to be an effective method for recovery from most lower-back conditions. At Advantage Healthcare we have a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a Nurse Practitioner on staff. This enables us to provide specialized care that’s tailored to fit your needs. From trigger point therapy (TPT) to chiropractic adjustments to therapeutic lumbar support braces, we provide our patients with the most modern and proven techniques of curing lower-back pain. All of these treatments come with the support of physical therapy and education on personal health.

Now that you understand the different forms of lower back injuries, you might have an idea of what kind of pain you’ve been dealing with. There are many other causes, such as arthritis, spinal misalignment, and nerve damage, however these require a medical professional to diagnose. If you have been experiencing any lower-back pain, then please give us a call and set up your free consultation today.